Racey Auto Sales Inc.. (717) 204-4404
Racey Auto Sales Inc.. (717) 204-4404


Larry founded Racey Auto Sales when he returned from the Air Force in 1961. Having bought and sold vehicles since that time, he has seen many dealers come and go. Giving a quality vehicle at a good price and excellent service is how Racey's has withstood the past half a century. Larry is now retired from the United States Post Office and runs the office of Racey Auto Sales.
Scott Racey
Scott is Larry's son and grew up around the automobile business. He now runs the body shop, oversee's the mechanics and inventory and the man now responsible for the business. With 40+ years experience, Scott will help you with your needs.
Jennifer Racey
The daughter of Scott, Jennifer is a marketing graduate of York College of Pennsylvania and also works as the Tour and Travel Manager of the Historic Town of Gettysburg.
Carl "The Fat Man" Hall
Carl is the Sales Manager with a long history in the people business. Carl also does our quality control on the booms and other aspects of our bucket trucks. Ask for Happy Carl's inspection sheet on any truck we have!
Big Sam Messinger
Big Sam is a retired foundry worker who has been with Racey Auto Sales for 19 years. He drives the rollback and tow's trucks. Sam puts 100-200 miles on every truck before it hits our sales lot.  Ask for Angry Sam's Inspection sheet for any truck on our lot.
Mike Weaver
Mike is the lead mechanic and comes from a 20 year background as shop manager at the local Goodyear store. He has been Racey Auto Sales over 15 years and can answer any question when it comes to mechanics.  Mike is an expert on booms and Onan Generators.  If you have an issue he will be able to diagnose the problem by phone and send you the correct part as part of our Boom Parts for Life Program.
Randall Garner
Randall was a landscaper by trade.  Randall worked for a short time for another company doing body work. Randall is currently learning the Racey Way under Jay and Zach!
Andy Wilkinson
Andy is new to our facility.  He was hired as a mechanic.  Andy's hiring now give us three full time mechanics.  We are happy to have a young experienced mechanic on our staff.
This is part of the team here at Racey Auto Sales trying to give you the best product for your money and keep your vehicle on the road so you can earn more.

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